January 29, 2018

Curling (formerly known as Moe Meguro): crowdfunding campaign for new album "Definitely Band"

Power pop act Curling (formerly known as Moe Meguro) have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the money to cover the cost for mixing & mastering their new album Definitely Band. They will release it in mono, and here's why:

Over the course of two years, we recorded Definitely Band straight to 2" tape at two separate studios in the Bay Area. We're almost ready to share the album with you, we just need to mix and master it.

The album will be mixed in mono. Why? Well, other than "because the Beatles and Beach Boys did it," we want to provide the purest, highest-fidelity version of our music and we want you to hear it the same way that we do!

Mixing and mastering in mono will give us more control over the listening experience and will give our new album a very direct sound where all of the lush instrumentation can swirl together.

Definitely Band will be released in May (vinyl, cassette, digital).

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