December 20, 2017

Two Sets Of Eyes: Two Sets Of Eyes

Chicago trio Two Sets Of Eyes to find the middle ground beteween indie pop of They Might Be Giants variety and towering post-rock with progressive leanings, electro pop some jazz, and whiff of hiphop. In other words, their self-titled EP offers something for everyone, but it all comes together nicely in the sprawling closing track Waiting / Reacting. All the other tracks are mere appetizers for this main course. The spicy energy of Sunshine, You're Standing In My Sunlight is a keeper, but the guest rap in Cash Me Out by fellow Windy City musician Bardo never finds its proper bearings.

Two Sets Of Eyes have stumbled upon something good with their improvised electro funk pop that can serve as a floor filler and a standalone piece of musical entertainment. Jamming and letting go is the path they should explore more why stop at ten minutes when they can keep it going for half an hour or so?

Two Sets Of Eyes:
Evan Opitz: guitar, vocals, synths, radio noises
Conor Roe: bass
Joel Janchenko: drums, vocals, aux percussion, samples, toy piano
Bardo: vocals on track 3
Mike Racky: lap steel on track 2
Sam Hight: saxophone on track 2, 4
Chris Kline: keys on tracks 2

Two Sets Of Eyes is a self-released EP. Buy it from her website.

  1. Sunshine, You're Standing In My Sunlight
  2. For The Last Time
  3. Cash Me Out (ft. Bardo)
  4. No Simple Words
  5. Waiting / Reacting

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