December 23, 2017

Fred Schneider & the Superions: The Vertical Mind

Fred Schneider & the Superions play party music with a wicked sense of humour on their new album The Vertical Mind. Fire up the synths for catchy mix of New Wave and disco,, and add the signature nasal vocals and lyrical dexterity of the former singer of The B52s. Result: songs about a family outing that goes terribly wrong (Stampede At The Petting Zoo), customs going through your stuff and patting you down (Strip Search), kissing, and Australian feral dogs ingesting a whole generation (When The Dingoes Ate The Babies).

They dare to be silly and hedonistic in an age of angst and political correctness. Not giving a fuck and inviting people to dance the night away won't rid the world of Trump, Putin, Erdogan or Assad, but it is just what the doctor ordered to feel better.

Fred Schneider & the Superions:
Fred Schneider (The B-52s): lyrics and vocals
Noah Brodie: keyboards and electronic drums
Dan Marshall: programming and keyboards

The Vertical Mind is released thru Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

  1. The Vertical Mind
  2. Konnichiwa
  3. Glitter Gulch
  4. Albóndigas (Meatballs! Óle!)
  5. Sleeping Booty
  6. Stampede At The Petting Zoo
  7. When The Dingoes Ate The Babies
  8. Passport Wallet Cellphone
  9. Strip Search
  10. Kiss Me To Heaven
  11. (Underpants) In The Rain
  12. Savage Kiss


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