December 05, 2017

Black Operator: Marita

There aren't any swamps in that particular part of The Netherlands that is called home by blues quintet Black Operator, but that did not stop them writing songs that could have written in the wetlands in the south of the USA. Their new single Marita is a smoldering song that gets louder as the track progresses. Note the old school effects that were used for the vocals and keyboard flourishes that sound like a mix of Alan Price and Ray Manzarek. Take Sixties garage and add early Seventies guitar rock for heady blend of blues noir.

Black Operator:
Sander den Das: vocals
Tijn Groen: keyboards, percussion
Michiel Seignette: guitar
Puck Stet: bass
Bastiaan de Vries: drums

They are currently working on their debut album that should see the light of day in 2018.

Live date:
  • 09/12 40 Rocks, Hoogwoud, The Netherlands


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