November 17, 2017

Zapoppin': Live At The Curse

What do you need for a night of off-kilter freaky folk music with a punk attitude? The two remaining members of Zapoppin' beating the Hell out of a Hohner Symphonic 32 and a drum set at The Curse, a fabled Cornish underground venue, should cover it.

Brace yourself for half an hour of chaotic goodness touching base with the 13th Floor Elevators, Pere Ubu, Butthole Surfers, The Pogues, The Birthday Party, free-from jazz, anti-folk, New Wave. Ever wondered what Ray Manzarek would have sounded like had he been an English guy raised on a diet of Tom Waits records? Playin' The Fool is the correct answer. Also, Joe Meek would have loved their instrumental Theme From A Spelling Bee. Zapoppin's set is like being caught in the midst of frantic, friendly fire. Resistance is futile.

Luke Richards: Hohner Symphonic 32, vocals
Matt Collington: drums, vocals

Live At The Curse is released via Damnosic. Buy it (digital) from the band's website. The Last Record Shop has it on CD and cassette (100 numbered copies each).

  1. No Questions
  2. Look It Up In A Book
  3. The Cheapest Laugh
  4. Gettin' Cultish
  5. Hey Girl, Let's Meme
  6. Playin' The Fool
  7. High Entropy Blues
  8. Conveyor Belt Of Love
  9. Theme From A Spelling Bee
  10. The Joneses

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