November 26, 2017

Octave Lissner: Wildflower

French singer-songwriter Octave Lissner tries to find the middle ground between jazz and folk on his new album Wildflower an dended up with a bunch of radio-friendly soft-spoken songs. Lead single Corners made it to lots of easy listening playlists, but the slightly more challening tracks >Little Mary and She Leaves Me have the potential to turn some heads among the latte crowd, with a few pointers to Jackson Browne and Kenny Logins.

Lissner gets interesting when he wears his heart on his sleeve and allows his voice to waver a bit. Heartbreak doesn't register properly when it is served in a polished way.

Wildflower is released via 1K. Records. Release date: December 15th.

  1. Wildflowe
  2. Hate to Love You
  3. Corners
  4. Little Mary
  5. Waves of Time
  6. Daddy's Girl
  7. She Leaves Me
  8. On Time

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