November 22, 2017

Flare Voyant: Flare Voyant

London funky rock 'n'roll quartet Flare Voyant are firing on all cylinders on their self-titled debut EP. Incorporating bits of glam and blues the band work their way through four tracks, using syncopation to make it sexy and danceable. Produced by Chris Kimsey (the Rolling Stones, Joan Jett) they got a Seventies sound that sounds deceptively basic, but it is actually quite difficult to get it right.

They dress the part, projecting the image of rock stars of yesteryear, And they got the songs that can act as a spring board for extended live improvisation. Don't be surprised when Ephemeral Romance and Empty Soul go on for ten minutes or more. Transcendental bluesy funk that goes for the gut. A few decades late for some maybe, but also an invitation to explore and enjoy the artists who inspired them.

Flare Voyant:
Thomas Baignères: vocals
Rod Bourganos: electric guitar, clavinet, wurlitzer, backing vocals
George Hudson: bass, lap steel guitar, backing vocals
Lucas Roxo: drums

Flare Voyant is a self-released EP. Available on various digital platforms.

  1. Borders
  2. So Contextual
  3. Ephemeral Romance
  4. Empty Soul

Live date:

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