November 12, 2017

Acid Baby Jesus: Lilac Days

Acid Baby Jesus hail from Athens, Greece, but they sound like late Sixties English psychedelic band. Their new album Lilac Days is a mixed bag of pastoral Pink Floydian songs (Birth) and reverb rockers (Me & Panormita, Guide Us In).

With three band members playing keyboards (two of them also lay guitar) they have plenty of ways to add layers and textures to basic, straightforward songs. Bring out the liquid light show and dance the night away. Recommended if you like Jacco Gardner, Tame Impala and Elephant Stone.

Acid Baby Jesus:
Tilemachos Stronis: bass, vocals, keyboards
Markos Mazarakis: drums, vocals, keyboards
Dale MacDonald: guitar, vocals
Noda Pappas: guitar, vocals, keyboards

Lilac Days is released thru Fuzz Club Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Lilac Days
  2. Faces Of Janus
  3. No Such Thing As Twice
  4. Down The Ley Lines
  5. Me & Panormita
  6. Birth
  7. Guide Us In
  8. Vile Man
  9. Love Has Left My House Today

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