October 13, 2017

moyamoya: I Heart Jet Noise

Post-rock noise experimentalists moyamoya are mostly rather subdued on their new digital 45 I Heart Jet Noise. Brennan Hamill delivers a monolithic yet melodic backing, allowing drummer Scott Madgett to keep it basic and guitarist Richard Dudley to get in touch with his prog and post-rock leanings.

The Jacksonville, FL based trio have a firm grip on their seemingly loose textures. There is always a method and a melody, no matter how they try to hide it, wrapping things up with a borderline dance beat. No wonder that Willie Evans Jr took the bait and used it as the starting point for his Chem-trail Mix for the B-side.

Richard Dudley: guitar
Scott Madgett: drums
Brennan Hamill: keys, bass

I Heart Jet Noise is released as a digital 45 via Fort Lowell Records. Buy it from Bandcamp. A cassette with all three digital 45s will be available at their show @ Raindogs in Jacksonville, FL on Oct 19th with Twin Ponies and Loose Eels.

They have made videos for all six tracks, using vintage B&W footage.

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