October 16, 2017


Guitarist Brian Wenckebach is an explorer. The former member of shoegaze duo Elika and experimental outfit Thee Koukouvaya now goes ambient with his solo project MIS+RESS. With his guitar and four effects pedals he recorded ten tracks for his S/T album in his sister-in-law's childhood bedroom in Toms River, NJ. Minimalism is the keyword for his compositions, pastoral with a twist. Wenckebachmigth be the first to use the system of stellar classification for a track. Listening to OBAFGKM is like lying in a field at night while staring at the sky.

S/T is not escapist or New Age. He conjures up deserted landscapes where something went wrong (The Great Dying) or feeling left alone (No More Parties). His guitar sounds sad most of the time, a vehicle for his thoughts and doubts. He only needs a handful of notes and a few choice effects to paint a whole picture.

S/T is released thru Somewherecold Records. Available on CD and limited (50 copies) cassette.

  1. The History of Fishes
  2. Nested Infinities
  4. Derealization
  5. The Great Dying
  6. Eligible Receiver
  7. No More Parties
  8. Mr. Bikinis
  9. The Absolute Territory
  10. Main Sequence Phase

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