October 29, 2017

Lou Reed: "Songs for Drella" interview on Dutch TV

Dutch journalist Bram van Splunteren has posted his interview with Lou Reed about the creation of Songs for Drella with John Cale. Broadcasted in 1990 by VPRO TCV program Onrust!, it also features the Channel 4 live recording of the full album that released on VHS and laserdisc.

In this one hour long tv show from 1990, Lou Reed talks very candidly and interestingly about topics having to do with the making of the album "Songs for Drella', the album he made with his former partner from the Velvet Underground, John Cale. It's an album about the life of artist Andy Warhol, whom both Reed and Cale knew very well from their days with the Velvet Underground, back in the sixties. Included in this show is a filmed recording for Channel 4, of Lou Reed and John Cale, performing the whole album live. All I can say is this is a pretty timeless treat for the music lover, with Lou Reed talking at his most relaxed, and him and John Cale totally hitting it off, on piano, guitar and vocals performing the whole album. Enjoy!

I was fortunate enough to do the interview, and put this show together, with the support of my VPRO Onrust! team, and the inimitable Ine Waltuch producing, and Michel Langenberg handling the camera.

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