September 01, 2017

Matthew O'Neill: Trophic Cascade

What if Nick Cave would decide to reinvent himself as an eco-friendly country rock singer with a group sounding like the Tedeschi Trucks Band? Matthew O'Neill's highly passionate songs on his debut album Trophic Cascade are dark and a tad pessimistic, now that humankind is dead set on destroying the environment. O'Neill prefers poetry to preaching, making it a record that can be enjoyed on various levels. if Poisoning The Well is a slap in the face, then a trip to Louisiana might lift the mood a bit.

He assembled a bunch of kick-ass instrumentalists to bring his vision to life, with reed man Stuart Bogie and guitarist Ryan Scott as the stand-out players. The backup vocalists are a bit too smooth - you don't want overcrowd things on an album like this, especially not during the passive-aggressive Alzheimer's Blues.

Matthew O’Neill: vocals, guitars
Jacob Silver: bass
Ryan Scott: guitars
Frank LoCrasto: piano, Rhodes, synth
Robin McMillan: drums & percussion (1,3,4,9-14)
Ray Belli: drums & percussion (2,5,6,7,8)
Shayna Steele: vocals
Dave Eggar: cello
Stuart Bogie: tenor sax, baritone sax, contra clarinet
Jordan McLean: trumpet
Michaela Anne (11) & Dora Shoturma (2,14): background vocals

Trophic Cascade is released Underwater Panther Coalition (2LP, CD, cassette, digital). It's an environmentalist record label that will donate 50% of all profits to frontline Earth protection groups, with a focus on Indigenous rights and clean energy initiatives.

  1. Bridge Builder
  2. Golden Boy
  3. Ain't No Way
  4. Poisoning The Well
  5. Gates
  6. Louisiana
  7. Stand Tall
  8. 1000 Years
  9. Alzheimer's Blues
  10. There You Go Again
  11. Breakstride
  12. Telepathy
  13. Tunkashila
  14. Relaunching

Live date:
  • 09/09 Brooklyn, NY @ The Safari Room at El Cortez


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