September 25, 2017

I am Oak: Pictures of the Floating World

BEST OF 2017

Anyone who has been lucky enough to witness I am Oak's Thijs Kuijken performing his songs solo in an intimate setting before an audience who have the decency to keep their mouths shut only wants one thing after Kuijken has taken his last bow: a crisp recording enabling to relive the experience over and over again. The new Pictures of the Floating World EP fills that gap. Recorded at a show in Sonicville in Brussels on January 20 for the Indies Keeping Secrets series he wowed the crowd with just this voice and his acoustic guitar. This is top shelf indie folk.

He is a poet choosing his words carefully. Without ever rising his voice he laments the death of loved ones, finding solace in nature and stories. While listening to this EP it is easy to think that he is playing for an audience of one. It will be hard to find another album that is this up close and personal

Pictures of the Floating World is limited to 333 hand numbered copies on 10" vinyl. It includes a beautiful 50 x 50 cm fold-out poster with drawings by The Things We Are. Pre-orders receive an exclusive zine by The Things We Are made during the tour.

  1. Don't I Know Enough
  2. Curt
  3. Reins
  4. Firm Hands
  5. How Long
  6. Own
  7. On Oxen
  8. On Trees And Birds And Fire

He will celebrate the release with a show @ 7 Layers Festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Earlier this year On Claws was reissued on vinyl and the album will be performed in full @ EKKO in Utrecht.

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