September 06, 2017

Babalong: Greatest Hits

Dutch experimental studio musicians Dave Mollen and Willem Waterschoot decided to things differently for their first Babalong album Greatest Hits. They inserted quit a bit of accessible mainstream, dance-able pop into their sonic tapestries and ended up with songs that will appeal to both the general public and the underground music geeks. They get a beat, figure out smart synths and put the vocals up front as the icing on the cake.

Greatest Hits is a likeable guilty pleasure, cooked up by two musicians who might have stumbled upon the recipe to break out of the inner circle. Changes are that they will be asked to work their magic on other artists music, especially the kind that is looking for their street credibility enhanced by mainstream appeal (or the other way around). Mollen and Waterschoot get weird with an irresistible foot-tapping backbeat. Beck meets Suuns going Beyoncé.

Greatest Hits is released on Tiny Room Records.

  1. Row On
  2. Cannot
  3. Longer
  4. The Opium
  5. Second Guessing
  6. Into The Loop
  7. Obscure
  8. Angular
  9. Higher


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