August 02, 2017

High on Stress: Greatest Hits

Minneapolis alternative country rockers High on Stress never made it. They called quits in 2014 when they had just released Leaving MPLS. For reasons unknown the general public and failed to recognize the top shelf lyrics of singer Nick Leet, whose words can run rings around acts like the Drive-By Truckers and the Jayhawks.

Three years after their demise the self-deprecatingly titled Greatest Hits sees the light of day. As per usual with this kind of releases they included one previously unreleased track, Klonopin and Alcohol, a snarling and energetic rocker that would have the first pick for a single for countless other bands.

High on Stress:
Nick Leet: vocals, guitar
Mark Devaraj: drums
Jim Soule: bass guitar, backing vocals
Chad Wheeling: guitar, organ

  1. Eyellner Blues
  2. Cop Light Parade
  3. These Days Are Gone
  4. Gold Star
  5. Winy City Endings
  6. Bite Your Tongue
  7. Figure Eights
  8. They Could Have Been Nobody
  9. Gimme Truth
  10. Cash Machine
  11. Up Your Sleeve
  12. Leaving MPLS
  13. Klonopin and Alcohol

High on Stress reunites for two shows in September. Fans of superb indie music might find some solace in the fact that two bands, Pasadena '68 and Dakota Shakedown, have been founded by its former members to continue the good work.

Live dates:
  • 09/08 Rochester, MN @ Kathy's
  • 09/09 Minneapolis, MN @ Hook and Ladder Theater

» Pasadena '68 on Facebook
» Dakota Shakedown on Facebook

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