August 01, 2017

Chip Ratliff: Resilient

Chicago based multi-instrumentalist Chip Ratliff brings the funk on his new album Resilient. All problems and issues disappear when he leads his musicians through brass-heavy rave-up tunes. He is fully aware that the world is far from perfect. Dancing the night away can recharge the batteries and might help to cope with the shit that is going on. Ratliff thinks that God is the answer, but his music is a far stronger (and real) medicine.

He listened closely to the classic funk music, putting the groove front and center. His slightly hoarse voice doubles as MC and lead singer, with two powerful backing vocalists helping him out. Resilient is a trip down memory lady for old school funk fans. Ratliff would have been a regular on American Bandstand back in the day.

Chip Ratliff: bass, lead vocals, drum programming, guitar, percussion
Kim Mahall: vocals
Tjuana Bothe: vocals
Tony Cazeau: keyboards, piano
Fernando Jones: guitar (Cafe Sing)
Jordan Ratliff: percussion, finger snaps (Cafe Sing)

Resilient will be released via Aggressive Cool Records. Release date: August 4th.

  1. Intro: Resilient!
  2. Dance! Dance! Dance!
  3. Back! When We Was Funky! (feat "Big 'Lil" Shorty Long) Part 1 & 2
  4. Good To Me
  5. Cafe Sing
  6. Somewhere Else Not Thinkin' (About You)
  7. WhyDoYouDoWhatchaDo
  8. The DirtyBlu

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