July 15, 2017

Van Dammes: Vild Days

Finnish punk rock band Van Dammes continue their quest to keep loud abrasive music alive. Their third EP Vild Days opens with the self-explanatory statement Punk Rock Drummer, before going off in all directions with songs about the Thunderbirds and whales.

They can write a song about nearly anything, provide they can cram in it into a fast-paced back to basics rocker. Their sound has tightened up a bit over the years, but their style hasn't. Why should they? They honour "This is an A, this an E, this is a G. Now start a band" adage. Good time music about popular culture doesn't needs smart chord progressions.

Van Dammes:
Ilkka Hildén: bass
Markus Kujawa: synth, vocals
Jussi Roine: drums
Juho Talja: guitar, vocals

  1. Punk Rock Drummer
  2. Thunderbirds Are Go
  3. The Whale-Road
  4. Every Fourth Year
  5. Scandinavian Action Rock

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