June 20, 2017

The AV Club: The AV Club

Chicago jazz band The AV Club honours the old adage that their audience should be able to dance to their music or at least snap their fingers. Led by bass player and main composer Andrew Vogt their self-titled album is all over the map, making turns towards rock, fusion, and the plain silly - Shack Dog and Pearhofjax have cheesy keyboard parts that have written "guilty pleasure" all over it.

All players have read the rule books and tossed them in the trash subsequently. No rules except respecting the main theme. The AV Club laugh at genre limitations. It's all music and when the mood strikes anything could happen, proving that being eclectic is fun.

The AV Club:
Sam Hudgens: tenor sax
Corbin Andrick: alto sax, flute
Anders Nordstrom: guitar, compositions (2,7)
Andrew Lawrence: keys, space whales
Ryan Roberts: percussion
Zack Marks: drums
Andrew Vogt: bass, compositions

The AV Club is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Stevland
  2. Grill Sergeant
  3. Fat Tuesday
  4. Pearhofjax
  5. Thumbs Up
  6. Shack Dog
  7. Yam of Lotus
  8. Godfather Pt. II

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