June 07, 2017

Suss Cunts: Suss Cunts

Aussie lo-fi garage rock Suss Cunts have zero patience with guys who get in their way. Their self-titled EP is a throwback to the early days of punk, with catchy melodies softening the blow of the angry lyrics. Quite refreshing to have an all female perspective on the male dominated indie music scene and the punk niche in particular.

The vocals are out of tune quite a lot, but their self-assuredness an bravado turn those flubs into happy accidents that add to the vibe. These ladies don't give a fuck about good manners or the status quo. They don't mind telling a boy that they have had enough off all the chitchat and that they want to Get Laid - right now. Recommended if you like The Slits and Skinny Girl Diet.

Suss Cunts:
Nina Renee: guitarist, vocals
Tahlia Eastman: drums
Helena Holmes: bass, vocals

Suss Cunts was originally available s a self-released cassette and is now re-released via Emotional Response (7" vinyl, digital).

  1. Anaemic Boyfriend
  2. Shit Friend
  3. Get Laid
  4. Sweater Ves
  5. Julianne

Live date:
  • 06/18 Melbourne, Australia @ The Tote
    (w/ Camp Cope, Mortgage, Lubulwa)

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