June 10, 2017

Stutter Steps: Floored

is there such a thing as power art pop? Well, yes. Pittsburgh, PA band Stutter Steps took a bit of Big Star, a bit of Sixties garage and a reasonable amount of Nineties college rock for their Floored EP, a near flawlees collection of six songs that will be force-feeded to their clientele by independent record store clerks.

If this EP was a weather forecast it could described as mostly cloudy, with occasional drizzle and the sun making an effort to show her face. Sublime melancholia as told by the team effort vocals by the band's songwriter Ben Harrison and Cindy Yogmas. The repetitive, jangling guitars never let go in a friendly tug-of war with the rhythm section. Happy-sad indie pop never sounded so good.

Stutter Steps:
Ben Harrison: vocals, guitar
Sean Finn: drums
David Horn: bass
Phil Jacoby: guitar
Cindy Yogmas: vocals, keyboards

Floored is released thru Blue Arrow Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Full stream on Soundcloud.

  1. Floored
  2. Dim
  3. Submarine
  4. Identical Eyes
  5. Weak Restraint
  6. Encino

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