June 12, 2017

Philosophy School of Phish @ Oregon State University

The cure for Alumni Blues is here for Phish fans. The School of History, Philosophy, and Religion of Oregon State University is offering an online course as part of their PHL 360: Philosophy and the Arts program:

Tired of chalk dust torture? Sign up for this year's Philosophy School of Phish course! Class begins June 26th.

The Philosophy School of Phish is a special online section of PHL 360: Philosophy and the Arts, which uses Phish’s live performances as “field sites” for exploring the philosophy of art and music. The class is offered online through Oregon State University’s Ecampus. This makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to register; you do not have to be a current OSU student to take the class. The online format also permits each student (and the Professor) to travel to Phish concerts, instead of requiring physical attendance in an OSU classroom.

» philosophyschoolofphish.com

(thru phish.net)

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