June 13, 2017

David Corley: Zero Moon

Singer and multi-instrumentalist David Corley was a late bloomer when he burst upon the Americana scene with his Available Light album in 2014. His husky vocals and storytelling capabilities stood out and he did not change this winning formula (or his musicians) for his second full-length Zero Moon. Corley has been to Hell and back, including suffering from a heart attack during the encore of a show in Groningen, The Netherlands (which inspired him to record his Lights Out EP).

Corley's late start as a recording artist is a blessing in disguise - he knows what he wants. Keyboard player and producer Hugh Christopher Brown acts as his trusted musical co-worker, and he is essential in getting a warm Seventies sound. While travel was the main theme of his previous album, Corley now looks inside and closer to home for inspiration. It looks like that he can't over the fact that he is recognized as a force within the scene, so some soul-searching is in order to come to terms with that. It's not all Splendid Now and he can still raise his voice to protest against injustice, but he does so with a sense of humour. The live favourite Down With The Universe was transferred successfully to the studio. Corley's raspy baritone is stronger than ever. His journey continues, with his albums acting as postcards to his fans.

David Corley: vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Gregor Beresford: drums
Hugh Christopher Brown: piano, Hammond B-3, clavinet, Wurlitzer, vocals
Tony Scherr: bass, guitar
Kate Fenner: background vocals
Sarah McDermott: background vocals

Zero Moon is a released on Wolfe Island Records. Buy it from his website. European distribution via Continental Record Services. CD's will be available on June 16 (Europe) and August 1 (USA).

  1. A Vision (prelude)
  2. Vision Pilgrim
  3. Never Say Your Name
  4. Whirl
  5. Zero Moon
  6. Desert Mission
  7. Take Me Down Some
  8. Splendid Now
  9. Down With The Universe
  10. A Lifetime Of Mornings
  11. Burning Chrome

Live date:
  • 06/15-17 Wolfe Island, Kingston, ON @ 1st Annual Wolfe Island Garden Party

» davidcorleymusic.com

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