May 19, 2017

The World of Dust: Golden Moon

When you run your own label like Dutch musician Stefan Breuer, you write your own rules. And you can break them without anyone stopping you. Golden Moon is the latest release of his one-man project The World of Dust is a best of in a way, after going through a stack of CD-r's of recordings he made since 2014 for his personal archive. Golden Moon is a dairy and a sketch book filled with musical collages. Some songs are mere snippets, while other were allowed to grow into an off-kilter song or instrumental.

Breuer loves to shuffles the deck to show the listener another card of his craft: noise, college rock, Krautrock, shoegaze, and geeky indie. All 20 songs are homemade recordings, made on an iPhone, and 4-track & 8-track cassette tape recorders. This lo-fi modus operandi adds another layer of charm to an album allowing th listener to be a fly-on-the-wall during the creation of his music. Happy accidents like the sound of his daughter playing in the background when he recorded Tribal Memories or straying off-pitch during Former Kings were not cleaned up. Warts-and-all Golden Moon is his most loose sounding album to date.

Golden Moon is released on Tiny Room Records. Besides digital also available as a limited edition CD (100 copies), and with a full colour 44-page book (magazine style, saddle-stich, 210x297mm) with collages and lyrics.

  1. School Carlotti
  2. One One
  3. Overture
  4. Balloons
  5. Sturm Schlauch
  6. Endless Dreams
  7. The Escape
  8. Equality Moon
  9. Peach
  10. Museums Of Death
  11. Gagging On Smallpox
  12. Tribal Memories
  13. Great Kentucky
  14. Residents Playground
  15. Former Kings
  16. Krautschleiger
  17. True To Mournings
  18. Buddy Medic
  19. A Ghost
  20. Blue Diamonds

Live dates:
  • 05/21 Nijmegen @ White Suit Projections
  • 05/26 Utrecht @ Rabarber (album release party)
  • 05.28 Groningen @ Melodica Festival
  • 06/13 Amsterdam @ De Ruimte


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