May 29, 2017

Hanging Hearts: Into a Myth

Chicago jazz trio Hanging Hearts shortened their name a bit - they were formerly knows as Chris Weller's Hanging Hearts, but it's business as usual on the new album Into a Myth .Exploring and experimenting are still the keywords for the free-flowing jazz with forays into fusion and even a nod to The Police's Invisible Sun for the keyboard part in Pilsen.

The trio's favourite modus operandi is carefully constructing a track, before hititng it over the head and gleefully taking it apart amidst a flurry of Saxophone notes. Since they don't have bass player, drummer Devin Drobka has to work twice as a hard, laying down a thumping bass drum with his feet while playing all over his kit to supply fills and flourishes. He takes turns at commandeering the spotlights with sax player Chris Weller and because of that keyboard player Cole DeGenova might be overlooked at first, but his drone-like part in Big Bang Anunnini and full-on wailing Jungle Juice will strike a nerve with Zappa fans.

Into a Myth is a tightrope walk between avant-garde and old school jazz. Hanging Hearts never look down during their journey, but keep their eyes on the horizon. For the listener it's a scary but highly rewarding trip. Start with the almost gentle He Had the Purest of Intentions (brushes, piano and lonesome sax) before exploring the other tracks.

Hanging Hearts:
Chris Weller: tenor saxophone
Cole DeGenova: keyboards
Devin Drobka: drums
Dave King: tambourine (track 2)

Into a Myth will be released on Shifting Paradigm Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: June 9.

  1. Return of Saturn
  2. Pilsen
  3. Big Bang Anunnini
  4. Jungle Juice
  5. Creation
  6. He Had the Purest of Intentions
  7. June Bug
  8. Legends

Live dates:
  • 06/10 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
  • 06/11 Madison, WI @ Art In
  • 06/12 Minneapolis, MN @ Ice House
  • 06/16 Chicago, IL @ Constellation (Into a Myth CD release party)
  • 07/04 Detroit, MI @ Trinosophes
  • 07/06 Cleveland, OH @ The Bop Stop
  • 07/07 Pittsburgh, PA @ James St. Gastropub & Speakeasy
  • 07/09 New York, NY @ New York @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1)
  • 07/11 Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact
  • 07/12 Lafayette, IN @ Spot Tavern
  • 07/13 Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse Studios
  • 07/14 Chicago, IL @ Hungry Brain (nto a Myth vinyl release party)
  • 07/15 Fort Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail


HCTF review of Chris Weller's Hanging Hearts.

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