May 29, 2017

Curtis Eller's American Circus: crowdfunding campaign for new studio album

Curtis Eller's American Circus have launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of recording their new album:

Welcome to the official fundraising headquarters of Curtis Eller's American Circus! In uncertain times such as these, the citizens of an anxious nation inevitably turn to the dulcet tone of the five-string banjo to ease their troubled minds. Eller and the band are diligently at work on a new full-length phonograph recording to guide you through the dark and dire days ahead.

The highest priced perk is already gone: $.2000.00 for the Bart Reiter Standard open back banjo,,the instrument of choice from band leader Curtis Eller. They aim to raise $7,500 ($4,603 pledged so far, with 28 days to go.


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