May 06, 2017

Black Sugar Transmission: The Aughts Vol 8: Gardens Growing Over Doll Parts

NYC singer and guitar ace Andee Blacksugar has released Vol 8, the final part (for now) of his Black Sugar Transmission re-recordings for his monthly EP series The Aughts. Vol 8: Gardens Growing Over Doll Parts contains six songs crossing the border between glam and hard rock, It can be bought from his webshop.

The Aughts is a new monthly series of 6-song EP releases. These are brand new re-recordings of songs I originally wrote/recorded on my trusty 4-track machine roughly between 2000 and 2006 (also known as the P*S*K era).

I revisited these old tunes recently and was surprised at how many of them I really liked. This led to the idea that it would be fun to re-record them with my current-day, all-grown-up, digital recording tools. This isn't to say I've slathered these songs in production; rather, I've tried to keep the original spirit of the 4-track versions, but with better sounds and performances.
  1. Life Is Misery
  2. Could You Love A Loser
  3. Yo-Yo
  4. The Ending Of It All
  5. Jump The Gun
  6. The Better They Know You


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