April 10, 2017

The Bullfight: Shame, Guilt, Deception – individuals chapter I (+ One Was A Snake)

Dutch folk noir band The Bullfight have been a hidden treasure for longer than they care to remember. Their brand of orchestral pop somehow failed to reach a Nick Cave or Decemberists-sized audience. Their new double album is two-fists knock on the door marked "recognition". The first CD contains the brand new Shame, Guilt, Deception – individuals chapter I album and the other is a reissue of heir long out of print album One Was A Snake.

The Bullfight are the musical equivalent of a night out at the circus, with an afterparty at a jazz/vaudeville dive. They are melancholic (The Weeping Willow), defiant (That Man, My Life Is Better Than Yours), and can throw down a jig that could have been written by Leonard Cohen (My Comeback). The album as a whole is an old school ballroom dance on the volcano - naming a song Waltz for L.E. is dead giveaway.

Long time followers of the band will like the fact that they revisit One Was A Snake's standout track, the drinking song No Thorns, No Roses on the new album - some stories should never end. The Bullfight have added a new chapter and it's a page turner that leaves you wanting more. Bring on the next one.

The Bullfight:
Nick Verhoeven: lead vocals
Thomas van der Vliet: guitar, piano, organ
Mark Ritsema: guitar
Eddy Nielsen: double bass
Andre van den Hoek: drums, percussion
Esther Vroegindeweij: violin

Shame, Guilt, Deception – individuals chapter I / One Was A Snake will be released on May 8th on Brandy Alexander Recordings as a 2CD set.

Tracks (Shame, Guilt, Deception – individuals chapter I):
  1. The Weeping Willow
  2. I Guess I Know By Now
  3. That Man
  4. No Thorns, No Roses (reprice)
  5. My Comeback
  6. Waltz for L.E.
  7. Only Her Ladder Led To Fire
  8. My Life Is Better Than Yours
  9. Backdoor

Tracks (One Was A Snake):
  1. That's You Charles
  2. The Ballroom Blitz
  3. No Thorns, No Roses
  4. Remington Blue
  5. The Staring Cult
  6. Needle & Suds
  7. Not Enough To Be Your Deathwish
  8. Stormsplay Bitter
  9. Swaying Dimly In Darkness
Live dates:

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