April 15, 2017

Kristina Cottone: Bow

photo: Dorey Kronick

Kristina Cottone goes solo with Bow, a soulful EP. The lead singer of Chicago band Honey & the 45s has a voice that was made for lounge-y tunes. The jazz-tinged Boston Boy and the more upbeat BFF are like two sides of the coin. She can be coy, but she can get angry as well. The standout tracks is the slow come hither song Ukulele Summer Love Song, an ode to an overlooked instrument and a reluctant lover.

Going solo is not without risks, but Bow has freed from the inherent genre limitations that come with playing a band. Now she can do what she does best: singing her ass off, albeit in soft-spoken way.

Bow is a self-released EP (digital only). Buy it from her website.

  1. Bad For Me
  2. BFF
  3. Boston Boy
  4. Ukulele Summer Love Song
  5. Bow

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