March 24, 2017

Wolf Solent: EP//IV

As per usual the release of a new Wolf Solent EP happens in March. Multi-instrumentalist Danny Trew Barton always sounds like he is never in a hurry, handing out his lo-fi shoegaze psychedelica to a growing fan base, who want more of the same, but with a few cherries om top that might catch them off guard. On EP///IV he is part Nick Drake and Bert Jansch on one side, and part Todd Tobias on the other.

Barton is a gentle impressionist, conjuring up imaginary worlds through textures and sound effects. His voice is buried even further in the mix, like he is singing under water. Decent headphones or a good set of speakers are essential to fully appreciate every nook and cranny of Barton's music.

EP///IV is released on Sea Records. Release dateL March 31st. Comes in a regular printed sleeve - no silkscreen this time.

  1. Red Moon
  2. See You Leaving
  3. All Too Much
  4. Handle
  5. Take A Left
  6. You
  7. Waxed / Choral

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HCTF review of the EP // 3.

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