March 16, 2017

Liz & the Lovelies: Progress Into Simplicity

Chicago band Liz & the Lovelies consider modern day technology as a blessing and a curse on their concept EP Progress Into Simplicity. Connecting with like minded people has become much easier, but it is often no more than skin deep and misunderstandings have lead to disintegration.

The EP is an amalgam of analog sounds and electronics, with the former winning hands down. Standout track The Sky is Falling should be more than a footnote in the Great American Songbook. Liz Chidester brings home the bacon with schooled vocal pyrotechnics, while Kristina Priceman rides shotgun with her violin. Title track Progress Into Simplicity suffers from an ill-advised harsh drum and bass parts that tear apart the gentle fabric of the vocals and synths.

Liz & the Lovelies:
Liz Chidester: lead vocals, guitar, ukulele
Matt Griffo: synth, keys, drums, and bass on "The Sky is Falling" and "Progress Into Simplicity"
Nicholas Gunty: synth, bass, drums on "What You're Told" and "Candid Dance"
Kristina Priceman: violin on "The Sky is Falling" and "What You're Told"
Alex Chidester: vocals on "What You're Told"
Brian Powers: mandolin on "What You're Told"

Progress Into Simplicity is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. The Same
  2. The Sky is Falling
  3. What You're Told
  4. Candid Dance
  5. Progress Into Simplicity

Live date:
  • Chicago, IL @ North Bar
    (EP release party - w/ Pyzow! & Becca Brown)


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