March 26, 2017

Kim Janssen: Cousins

photo: Isolde Woudstra

Dutch singer-songwriter Kim Janssen alternates between grandiose, orchestral songs, and full blown power ballads on his new album Cousins. The songs are wrapped in luscious string arrangements that might have baffled a less blessed vocalist. Janssen packs a flawless falsetto, can drop down to almost a whisper, but relies mostly on his storytelling range.

Cousins is a travelogue, with songs dealing with minor events that happened close to home or a wild night during the Loi Krathong festival. Janssen is getting older and in a contemplative mood. He is a seeker right now, looking for answers about the meaning of life, political turmoil and where to turn for some sound advice. This is an album that depicts his inner wanderings. He offers no definite answers, because there aren't any. As long as he transfer his thoughts to songs that manage to sound intimate even during the heavily orchestrated bits, he succeeded in starting a conversation through music.

Courins is released on Snowstar Records (CD, cinyl, digital). Release date: March 31st.

  1. Dynasty
  2. Take Shelter
  3. Host
  4. Night-Heron
  5. Gouldians
  6. Actor
  7. Bottle Rockets
  8. Cousin
  9. Rama VI

Live dates:
  • 03/31 Utrecht, Netherlands @ De Helling
  • 04/07 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Motel Mozaique
  • 04/11 Berlin, Germany @ Privatclub
  • 04/19 Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix (w/ Einar Stray Orchestra)
  • 04/29 Vlieland, Netherlands @ Here Comes The Summer
  • 05/10 Paris, France @ La Maison Sage
  • 06/16 Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands @ Best Kept Secret Festival
  • 08/18 Vierhouten, Netherlands @ Graceland Festival

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