March 30, 2017

Inbetween Colours: Find My Ways

Spring is here and the need for a sunny side up single is taken care of by Dutch indie pop band Inbetween Colours. Find My Ways takes its time to build up to an Eighties inspired friendly battle between synths and guitar on top of a tugging bass line and rock drums. Lead singer Geert van Bemmelen is careful not to cross the line between passion and pathos. Recommended if you like the early Simple Minds. File under borderline mainstream indie pop.

Find My Ways is a self-released single and available on a wide variety of streaming and download platforms.

Inbetween Colours:
Geert van Bemmelen: vocals, synths, organs
Max Dekker: drums, backing vocals
Kike Navarro: rhythm guitar
Colin Roelandschap: lead guitar, backing vocals
Martin Wielaart: bass, Backing vocals

Live dates:
  • 04/01 Splotz, Roelofsarendsveen
  • 04/07 Lentepret, Den Haag
  • 04/08 In de Diamantfabriek, Amsterdam
  • 04/21 De Flux Popschool, Zaandam
  • 04/27 Stadsstrand De Kade, Alkmaar
  • 04/28 Steck Podium, Delft (Support Art Felixx)
  • 05/12 De Meevaart, Amsterdam
  • 05/27 De Flux, Zaandam


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