March 07, 2017

GHXST: Perish

NYC noise shoegaze duo GHXST keep their dark outlook on life fully intact on the new Perish. They heaped lots of distortion and other effects on the vocals and guitar, killing the dynamics and making it sound sluggish. Doom rock is far more effective when the music is served up with a bit more imagination. They got stuck in the same tempo, save for the title track and Summer Moon in which go through hills and valleys for a change.

For the next one they should get hold of an engineer who isn't obsessed with volume and can slap their wrists when they are trying to push up all the faders.

Perish is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Southern Eye
  2. Stories We Tell
  3. Perish
  4. Summer Moon
  5. Some Look for a Beautiful Place (interlude)
  6. Waiting for the Night
  7. No Wild West

Live date:
  • 03/15 Austin, TX @ B. D. Riley's Irish Pub & Restaurant


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