March 21, 2017

Dakota Shakedown: Hurry up and Wait + Pasadena '68: Happy to be Next to You

In 2015 four musicians from Minneapolis from two different bands released a shared double-EP. waht made it special that both bands - Dakota Shakedown and Pasadena '68 consisted of the same members, but they switched instruments.

Now they are back with a new double A-side single: Hurry up and Wait (Dakota Shakedown) b/w Happy to be Next to You (Pasadena '68). The former comes close to country rock and the latter is a mix of Americana and indie rock. It's the little things that sets these two bands apart: guitar tone, timing, and the obvious one - the vocals. The bands are joined at the hip, but they look at different things. Buy one, get one free.

Pasadena '68:
Nick Leet: vocals, guitar
Chad Wheeling: guitar
Elliot Hilton: bass, guitar, backing vocals
Mike Hjelden: drums

Dakota Shakedown:
Mike Hjelden: vocals, guitar
Chad Wheeling: drums
Elliot Hilton: bass, guitar, keys, piano, backing vocals
Nick Leet: guitar, backing vocals

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