February 25, 2017

It was 40 years ago today: the first Peter Gabriel solo album

Forty years ago today Peter Gabriel released his first solo album. He looks back on the making of the album on his website:

With the first album I’d just left Genesis and had been used to having roles defined, and so suddenly to find myself in a studio full of serious musicians (serious in terms of their ability and what they’d done and so on) was unnerving.

It took me three albums to get the confidence and to find out what I could do that made me different from other people. And the first record really was a process of trying …

I’d chosen Bob Ezrin to produce the album, after having met with many producers, and he was based in Toronto at the time. We were working in his studio there, and there was a selection of people that he’d recommended and some that I’d brought in. It was an interesting thing to see how it would work.

To promote the release promo videos were made for Modern Love and Solsbury Hill. No, not for Here Comes The Flood, but there is superb live version from the Kate Bush Christmas special broadcasted in 1979..

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