February 15, 2017

Desert Foxx: Kill Together

NYC trio Desert Foxx mix dark Americana, jazz and post-rock on their Kill Together, adding another branch to the big tree that is called avant-garde. It sounds like King Crimson was having a row with Ry Cooder and Sonic Youth, with pastoral segments being blown to pieces by loud outbursts of guitar. The band's composer Mike DeiCont keeps it all together, acting as a pied piper playing bass.

Kill Together could serve as the soundtrack for a late night short Western movie directed by the Coen Brothers. No changes for Hollywood ending - the hero is likely to die too in the final shoot out.

Desert Foxx:
Louis Cohen: guitar, synth(1,3)
Mike DeiCont: bass, compositions
Alex Kirkpatrick: drums, piano(2)

Kill Together is released on Fleaboy Records, an artist run, Amsterdam-based collective label.

  1. For Giants
  2. Bring Us
  3. Where We Burn the Bodies

Live date:
  • Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore's
    (EP Release Show w/ Thanya Iyer and Drama Section)

» yourfriendsdesertfoxx.com

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