February 18, 2017

Baby Galaxy: Mighty Night

Dutch trio Baby Galaxy channel the rough, melodic sound of Nineties college rock rather well on their debut album Mighty Night. While humour was missing from the originals, they have it in spades. They have a soft spot all things December, hence a song about Home Alone I & II, those two Christmas movies that are sure to be aired yet again. What else in that time of year? Food! So Bellyful and New Flavours. They wrap it up with New Years Ease 14/15 - at long last a song to replace U2's New Year's Day.

These guys can obviously play, with enthusiasm taking precedence over musical chops sometimes. They recorded it live to tape, capturing the excitement and intensity of being "in the moment". Anyone who is craving for a loud record that is fun to boot, Mighty Night will fill that need without a hitch.

Baby Galaxy:
Nick Jongen: guitar, vocals
Robbert Verwijlen: bass
Kees Berkers: drums

Mighty Night will be released thru Subroutine Records (CD, vinyl). Release date: March 1st.

Side A:
  1. Tapefulness
  2. Home Alone I & II
  3. Untitled
  4. The Lonely End
  5. New Flavours
Side B:
  1. New Flavours
  2. Mighty Night
  3. Bellyful
  4. New Years Ease 14/15

Live dates:

  • 02/18 Nijmegen, Netherlands @ De Onderbroek
  • 03/01 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ OT301
  • 03/02 Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Stroomhuis
  • 03/03 Den Haag, Netherlands @ Paardcafe
  • 03/20 Bocholt, Netherlands @ Vogelhaus (w/ Heim)
  • 03/21 Köln, Germany @ Stereo Wonderland (w/ Heim)
  • 03/22 Kassel, Germany @ venue tba (w/ Heim)
  • 03/23 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Hall Of Fame
  • 03/24 Maastricht, Netherlands @ Muziekgieterij
  • 04/01 Köln, Germany @ Aetherblissement
  • 04/08 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Sugar Factory (w/ Newmoon)

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