January 13, 2017

Vaudevileins: Magician

Chicago rock band Vaudevileins keep it simple on their new album Magician. They are loud and ar prone to AOR guitar riffing and in-your-face lyrics, which deal once again with their mixed results during encounters with the fairer sex. With a new lead guitarist on board they have broadened their musical horizons a bit (Seventies power chords, a hint of prog), but they are still a no-thrills outfit. They are the band who likely to spell rock as rwak, even when they slow down a bit with the power ballads 38​-​54​-​16 and the psychedelic lament Devils.

Rock hard, play hard and buy you friends a beer when they play at your favourite local fully licensed live music venue. Vaudevileins will provide the soundtrack for a night out after a hard day's work. Plenty of appreciative headbanging will happen during Prove It.

Jeff Julian: vocals, guitar
Evan Mohler: lead guitar, vocals
William Aldridge: bass
Brennen Chouinard: drums, vocals

Magician is a self-released album (vinyl, CD and digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Sea Anemone
  2. Magician
  3. Sticky
  4. Chasing Time
  5. Hell Jazz
  6. The Fool
  7. Fake Cigarette
  8. 38-54-16
  9. Prove It
  10. Devils

Live dates:
  • 02/03 Indianapolis, IN @ Sinking Ship 2
  • 02/11 Joliet, IL 2 @ Third City Sound

» vaudevileins.com

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