January 12, 2017

Rocky Wood: Bail Out

Swiss-Amecican band Rocky Wood is a hybrid of a folk band and dreampop outfit. Their latest single Bail Out, with its meandering lead guitar taking on a straight back beat. Nice insiders touch to had a few snippets hinting at to Television's Marqee Moon.

Since they are from the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, you would expect them to have some trouble with the English pronuncation. Their lead singer is from LA, but somehow a bit of the Italian accent has found its way to her vocals. No big deal, it gives them an extra layer of charm. Also: bonus points for adding well-placed stray notes serving as musical treat breadcrumbs.

Bail Out is available in Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want).

Their new EP will be released on On The Camper Records.

» rockywood.net

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