January 20, 2017

Last Builders Of Empire: Άͅδης | Hades

BEST OF 2017

Post-rock quartet Last Builders Of Empire goes down for a trip through the mythical Greek underworld. Άͅδης | Hades is a suite in five parts, divided into three segments. For those who are familiar with the protagonists that populate this after death empire ruled by Hades - being held in limbo in Erebus, the ferryman Charon, and the Tartarus, the Greek equivalent of Hell, this album provides a modern day instrumental soundtrack to half forgotten courses in ancient Greek history.

A classical training isn't mandatory however. As a set piece Άͅδης | Hades can be enjoyed as an example of ambitious ambient post-rock minimalism. By inviting three guest players even the bleak Τάρταρος | Further Below Than Heaven Above is softened a bit - if Hell sounds like this, it isn't so bad after all. Charon of course is smack in the middle of the five tracks, taking the recently deceased to their designated destinations across the river Styx. And while according Greek mythology the heavenly Elysian Fields and the rather plain Asphodel Meadows were also options, the Peabody, MA based quartet only set the Tartaros to music. Gloom and eternal damnation are far more interesting as a source for inspiration than being rewarded for being heroic, virtuous and righteous, or just plain boring.

Last Builders Of Empire:
Rich Reed: drums, bottlecaps
Dan Mandino: guitars, soundscapes
Jesse Danger: guitar
Chris Duston: bass Guitar, double bass
Guest players:
Chris Baum: violin
Walt Bostian: trombone
Jay Daly: trumpet, Flugelhorn

Άͅδης | Hades is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Release date: January 27th.

  1. Ἔρεβος | Descent of Perithous
  2. Ἔρεβος | The Ruler Was the Ocean
  3. Χάρων | Clinostat
  4. Τάρταρος | State of Grace
  5. Τάρταρος | Further Below Than Heaven Above

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