January 30, 2017

Kim Janssen: Gouldians

Dutch singer-songwriter Kim Janssen is quick to release a follow-up for his comeback single Bottle Rockets. His new one, Gouldians, has a louder, straightforward drum beat acting as a contrast for his dreamy vocals. When the synths kick in and push back the acoustic guitar, the song enters electro-folk territory. A colourful piece music, just like the birds it was named after.

Gouldians is released on Snowstar Records.

Live dates:
  • 01/31 London, UK @ The Waiting Room
  • 03/31 Utrecht, Netherlands @ De Helling
  • 04/07-08 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Motel Mozaique
  • 04/11 Berlin, Germany @ Privatclub
  • 04/19 Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix (w/ Einar Stray Orchestra)

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HCTF review of Bottle Rockets.

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