January 15, 2017

Egg Bites Chicken: Get Laid

German rockers Egg Bites Chicken are the kind of musicians who work hard, but are sentenced to a lifelong stay in obscurity. Their album Get Laid (bad pun intended) won't help them when they ask for a parole, Their rather faceless music fails to make a lasting impression. They hop from one genre to another. What made them decide to include two versions (in English and French) of the same mediocre ditty about trouble to find a spot to smoke a cigarette is a mystery.

Linking Jim Morrison's "I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames" quote from The Door's Absolutely Live next to John F. Kennedy's "Ïch bin ein Berliner" and Martin Luther KIng's "I have a dream" in Walk The Lane is just plain stupid. Their cover of Patti Smith's Rock 'n' Roll Nigger is stripped from all the anger of the original and dumbed down to heavy-handed mainstream rocker.

They should have picked the best tracks - the Green Day alike Fucked Up, the revenge ballad Feeding The Fishes, the sunny Cuba Libre, and the post-punk raver Italian Shoes, and made it an EP.

Egg Bites Chicken:
Dandoo Rosenberg: vocals
Maurice Gauthier: drums
Fernando A. Fach: guitar
Jörn-Jören Jörensön: bass

Get Laid is released via Artist Station Records.

  1. Ego
  2. Feeding The Fishes
  3. Save The World
  4. Fucked Up
  5. Cuba Libre
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger
  7. Mountain Top
  8. Minor Drinking
  9. Bodypart
  10. Walk The Lane
  11. Spuck In Your Face
  12. Italian Shoes
  13. Cry
  14. To Smoke Is Not Allowed
  15. Interdiction De Fumer

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