December 18, 2016

Yip Man: Braw Power

Yip Man, alter ego of Al Nero can make sarcasm sound like fun. Formerly the leader of underground indie favourites Le Reno Amp he founded a record label, Armellodie Records, before dropping all things for a lengthy sojourn in China. Now he is back with his first solo full-length, Braw Power.

Back in the day, when musicians had travelled East, they came back with huge stories about enlightenment and/or new sounds that they would be using in their music. Nero does none of that, but sticks to his forte: writing catchy guitar tunes with acerbic lyrics, not excluding himself in the process when he describes himself as a Skinny White Ghost. Everyone's at fault and falls over in their half-hearted efforts to make it, so why not have a good laugh about it. Recommended if you like The Jam and Pavement.

Braw Power is released thru Armellodie Records (heavyweight (180 gram) black vinyl, CD and digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Barnburner
  2. Not That Easy
  3. In The Book
  4. Crying Thunderstorms
  5. Kings and Queens
  6. Stuck on Repeat
  7. For Your Own Good
  8. Silver Wings
  9. Skinny White Ghost
  10. This Girl I'm Bound
  11. Taxi
  12. It's About Time We Stopped

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