December 12, 2016

Panic In Eden: In the Company of Vultures

LA quintet Panic In Eden are modern day classic rock band. Their debut album In the Company of Vultures touches base with the Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and umpteenth other acts form the Sixties and Seventies. Besides dwelling in the pantheon of acts from the heyday of pop music there is also a bit of Soundgarden (Out for Blood), Foreigner (War on the Rocks) and Lenny Kravitz (Who's To Blame?).

They paint with broad strokes mostly, building a rock solid wall of guitars, bass and drums, but they end the album with two songs that break out the mould of rock: the self-explanatory The Waltz, with a nod to the guiar tone of Brian May, and the vaudevillian folk song A Revelation at Its Finest.

Panic In Eden sounds like dozens of other bands, but their musical prowess and their ability to change things up mid-song saves them for the "epigone" tag. They wear their influences proudly an boldly on their sleeves and use it as launchpad for an in-your-face album that should be played loud.

Panic In Eden:
Pierce Humke: vocals
Conor Spellane: guitar, vocals
Will Hammond: guitar
Alex Diaz: bass, vocals
Nick Marshall: drums

In the Company of Vultures is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Out for Blood
  2. Palaces
  3. Who's To Blame?
  4. War on the Rocks
  5. Passerby
  6. White Elephant
  7. Could It Be You?
  8. Shapeshifter
  9. The Waltz
  10. A Revelation at Its Finest


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