November 04, 2016

Phantom Pop: BETA

Fusion has a bad reputation as being overly polished mainstream pseudo-jazz, or even worse, background music for immensely boring cocktail parties or third tier Seventies movies and sitcoms. It would be shame, however, to write off the whole genre as a failure. New York Phantom Pop knows how to insert a bit of spice and bravado on their new album BETA. Built upon rhythm section that can turn on a dime without missing a beat they are pushing the boundaries without giving in to musician's geekery to might put off their audiences.

They dazzle and purr, stretch, chill out and jump, often within the confines of a single track. Go for the adventurous Hometown for six minutes of bliss or sit back and let Selfie Punch cuddle up next to you. This is what fusion was supposed to sound like before it became fashionable and over-polished. BETA is sexy and sometimes even dangerous. Thanks, Phantom Pop, for giving the kiss of life to a dead niche.

Phantom Pop:
Dave Lowenthal: bass
Josh Schusterman: drums
Noah MacNeil: keyboards
Atsushi Ouchi: saxophone
Matt Giella: trumpet
Songyi Jeon: voice
Theo Moore: percussion

BETA is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Hometown
  2. Banana Computer Ft. JSWISS
  3. Enabler
  4. Selfie Punch
  5. Rosewood
  6. The Test is Not the Test
  7. In the Null
  8. The Packie 2.0
  9. La Baleine 2.0

Live dates:
  • 11/10 Roanoke, VA @ Martin's Downtown
  • 11/11 Raleigh, NC @ Deep South The Bar
  • 11/12 Boone, NC @ Boone Saloon
  • 11/13 Nashville, TN @ Mad Donna's
  • 11/14 Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact
  • 11/15 Akron, OH @ Blu Jazz


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