November 05, 2016

Jet Plane: Pipe Dream

Russian post-rockers Jet Plane take it slow on their new album Pipe Dream, with almost seamless segues between the tracks. Dreamy stuff that unfolds at a leisurely pace, with glorious twin-guitar leads and folk-tinged violin riding on top of the rumbling rhythm section. A few snippets of spoken words add a layer of menace that makes you rethink the meaning of the music.

Like its predessor Loud To Sleep they fall between the cracks of progressive rock, drones and jazz, with some stoner rock licks thrown in for good measure. Jet Plane are like a glacier, unstoppable, at a snail pace, with occasional outbursts of mayhem.

Jet Plane:
Sergey Sapunov: guitar
Maxim Berezko: guitar
Dmitriy Bulavintsev: drums
Konstantin Kiselev: bass
Igor Zyuzko: violin, shepherd's bagpipes, Glockenspiel

Pipe Dream is released thru Fluttery Records. Release date: November 10.

  1. Roots
  2. Under An Atomic Sky
  3. Voicegame
  4. Days And Lights
  5. I Hate You Too
  6. Via Lactea

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