November 07, 2016

Ian Fisher: Koffer

American alt-country musician Ian Fisher rounded up a bunch of songs that he never got around recording properly for his new album Koffer (suitcase in Dutch and German). He is writing pretty much all of the time - when he is not playing live that is - and he couldn't bear the thought that some of them would be shelved for ever.

Fisher explores various moods. Opener If You Wanna Stay is pushed forward by an upright bass and an organ straight out of Alan Price school. The King gets a well deserved tribute in Candles For Elvis - think Paul Simon meets indie rock. The true surprise is the title track, which is sung in German. Marlene Dietrich recorded Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin, the definite song about longing for a place that she can't help revisiting. Fisher is fully aware that he will never be considered as a native German citizen and, when push comes to shove he doesn't want too, That's the core of all his songs - wanting to belong, but never make a commitment except to his art.

Koffer is filled with snapshots of the life of a travelling musician. He dreams of Settlin' In, playing a game of emotional hide of seek with the ones he holds dear, leaving them behind in bewilderment when he has packed up his belongings yet again. Lucky for them that he always leaves a trail of songs that might explain why he is doing what he does. He says goodbye with Nothing, a blend of country and roaring Twenties vaudeville. Torn between the traditions of the USA and Europe he came up with a hybrid that is best of both worlds - the mark of a true songwriter who always has his ear to the ground for another tune that needs to written.

Koffer will be released on Snowstar Records on November 18th.

  1. If You Wanna Stay
  2. Candles For Elvis
  3. Koffer
  4. Thinkin' About It
  5. The Way to Go
  6. Seriously Who
  7. Settlin' In
  8. Whole Lotta Room
  9. Hail Mary
  10. Koffer (Acoustic Demo)
  11. Nothing

He will be touring extensively in Germany, Austria and The Netherlands to promote the album.

Live dates:
  • 11/19 Dachau, Germany @ Kulturschranne
  • 11/20 Timelkam, Austria @ Bart
  • 11/24 Wattens, Austria @ Gasthof Neuwirt
  • 11/25 Steyr, Austria @ Röda
  • 11/26 Wien, Austria @ Blue Bird Festival
  • 11/27 Waldviertel, Austria @ Salon Ditta
  • 11/30 München, Germany @ Feierwerk / Kranhalle
  • 12/01 Dresden, Germany @ Ostpol
  • 12/02 Halle, Germany @ Brohmers
  • 12/03 Berlin, Germany @ Badehaus Szimpla
  • 12/06 Erfurt, Germany @ Museumskeller
  • 12/07 Darmstadt, Germany @ Frischzelle (free show)
  • 12/09 Köln, Germany @ Blue Shell
  • 12/10 Mainz, Germany @ Schon Schön
  • 12/11 Bielefeld, Germany @ Falkendom
  • 12/15 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
  • 12/16 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Rotown
  • 12/17 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Ekko


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