November 25, 2016

Cowtown: Paranormal Romance

Post-punk trio Cowtown are in a hurry of their fourth album Paranormal Romance, making their way through twelve songs in about 22 minutes. The Leeds band dabbles a bit in surf, insert a snippet of the Bangles' Walk Like An Egyptian ( "Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh") into Tweak, before moving back to safer Ramones territory, They love to double-track their vocals, smoothing out their rough-and-ready sound, with Motivational Speaker and Castle Greyscale as the prime examples. The latter sounds like a nifty mashup of the Cramps, the Pixies and They Might Be Giants.

Paranormal Romance is a fun album, a summary of the band members record collections. It all sounds familiar and no doubt they will kill with it live. Once the crowd has locked into their grove, they can keep the same dance going for pretty much all of the show. Press repeat if you want more.

Hilary Knott: keyboards, vocals
Jonathan Nash: vocals, guitar
David Michael Shields: drums

Versus is released on vinyl thru Happy Happy Birthday To Me records.

Side A:
  1. PR Theme
  2. Clock In
  3. Castleman
  4. Tweak
  5. Motivational Speaker
  6. Captain Planet
Side B:
  1. Not Sure
  2. Castle Greyscale
  3. Let Go
  4. Closed Circuit
  5. Buggin' Out
  6. Emojicore

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