November 15, 2016

Azure Hiptronics: Ignacio

Italian-Dutch jazz band Azure Hiptronics take their out-of-the-box approach to the next level on their new album Ignacio. Robotic vocals dominate Work Out Something and Easier Each Time, while the title track switches between prog guitar rock and the sunny soundtrack for a late Sixties French 'policier'.

The band invited a couple of guest vocalists to broaden their musical palette even further. Maria Marin adds a bit of flamenco and Bachir Charaf owns Airing, which would have been a rather bland piano piece without her contribution. To make the transitions between these various moods a little less abrupt, they have inserted a couple of short introductory snippets (fun fact: the first one, Thgie Neves, was lifted from the final track Seven Eight and is played backwards after being transposed to the key of Work Out Something).

Their open-minded music will raise some eyebrows among die-hard jazz cats, but they offer a healthy full-course meal with various flavours - the proud strut of Majestic sits comfortably next to the shifting themes in Wavily. Azure Hiptronics are accessible and adventurous - and that's what jazz is supposed to be.

Azure Hiptronics:
David Barker: drums
Luciano Poli: electric bass, double bass
Rogier Scheemann: guitars, keyboards
Federico Solazzo: keyboards

Ignacio is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Release date: November 21.

  1. Thgie Neves
  2. Work Out Something
  3. Anise Code
  4. Ignacio
  5. Marlino, the Medieval Squirrel
  6. Interlude
  7. Easier Each Time
  8. Airing
  9. Saraswati Mantra
  10. Longing
  11. Majestic
  12. Wavily
  13. Thick as Air (Beyond Repair)
  14. Seven Eight

Live dates:
  • 11/18 De Twee Spieghels, Leiden
  • 11/20 Miles, Amersfoort
  • 11/27 Sugar Factory, Amsterdam
  • 01/15 Kraaij en Balder, Eindhoven
  • 05/12 Jazznjazz, Cuijk


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