October 18, 2016

Gregory Uhlmann: "Odd Job" video

LA based guitarist and singer Gregory Uhlmann is a prolific musician. He is a member of experimental math rock band Fell Runner and the leader of jazz trio Greg Uhlmann's Typical Sisters. Somehow he found the time to record his first soft-spoken solo album, Odd Job, which will be released in January 18th via Dog Legs.

Tim Carr, the Fell Runner drummer, directed the video for the title track. Dreamy vocals and the great tone of a bass clarinet set the tone for a melancholic avant-folk song about a clown trying to make a living.

Gregory Uhlmann: guitar, voice, piano
Cari Stevens: voice
Lauren Baba: viola, violin
Andrew Conrad: bass clarinet

» gregoryuhlmannmusic.com

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